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Long games, injuries, technical difficulties and halloween!

Hi fans, sorry it took me a couple of day to post I had some difficulties with the internet provider in the condo I’m renting in arizona, so if you missed me i only hope i wasn’t gone long enough. its been a wild week in arizona but the javelinas (or the pigs as we call each other) are playing well. I had a rough week on the mound, but we are still playing around the top of our division and most important we are working on whatever aspects of the the game we are here to work on.

This past week feature some of the longest 9 inning games i ever been a part of. I swear we play a 15 hour game the other day!!! hahahahaha. a little exaggeration of my part but that’s how it felt. My yankee compadres have enjoyed a very solid fall league. Kevin Russo told me about a week ago that he has not gotten 2 hits in a game since i joined the trenton team. He of course of kidding and just 2 days later he collected 5 hits in a game!! I made sure to remind him of his comments and threw some of my stuff in his locker. Phil has  pitched a lot better than his number will tell, he had 1 tough outing and that kind of escalated his number a bit, he started the rising start game which our division one on a walk-off walk by Drew Stubbs of the Cincinnati Reds. Austin Jackson has continue to develop in front of our eyes and he in my opinion is not very far of the ultimate goal. Jeff (Hommie) Marquez is pitching well while working of fine tuning some aspects of his game. Kevin Whelan has been our most reliable reliever, numbers wise he has not giving up a run which is pretty hard in this league, so I’m counting on him to continue the good work. As for myself lets just say i’ve seen better days and better results. I had a real tough outing this week in which i gave up 6 straight hits with out retiring a batter. I must admit that’s the first time that has ever happened and hopefully the last, is not a good feeling to walk off the mound like that. After the outing i went in the clubhouse and took a long look in the mirror and told myself the following ” At this time last year you did not know if you would ever get back to a mound again” me realizing that 1. this was a first in my career 2. I was physically fine and my arm felt great 3. Days like this are bound to happen to the best of us, help me put this weird experience behind me and move on with the fall league.
We played in some weird games this week, in one game there were 3 injuries to guys on the field. Jeremy Jeffress had to come out of a game because of sore arm, moments later taylor green got hit on the nose with a pitch. Luckily it also hit the tip of his helmet before hitting him on the nose which took away a lot of the impact. He’s fine now and should start playing soon, we also lost Wade Thousand to arm problems, I want to wish him good luck and a quick recovery. Winning is great but I come to understand that this league is not so much about how many games you can win as it is a league in which you can showcase your abilitie, fine tune your skills or in my case make up for lost time on the field. I’m greatful to be here and I wish all of my injured team mates a rapid recovery because I’ve been on the other side of that street for a long time and know that is not fun!
The upcoming week should be really fun. I get to take my son trick or treating for the first time. Us the Whelans are taking our boys out in halloween suits which should be fun. Aiden is dressing up as chicken hahahaha Gavin Whelan will be a turkey. i’ll make sure to post pics to get coments from you guys. Also this week i’ll have a surprise guest blogger on here for you guys telling you about his experiences in the AFL,