Hello to everyone from Peoria, AZ!

Hello everyone! Humberto Sanchez (Humbe) here coming to you straight from Peoria, AZ, home of the San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners and the Peoria Javelinas. This is my first time blogging, and i’m already having a lot of fun at this. I will start by telling you a bit about myself. I’m a Dominican Republic born right-hander pitcher, i grew up in the Bronx, NY idolizing the team i now play for. I sign my first professional contract in 2002 with the Detroit Tigers. I was in the Tigers organization for 4 years making stops at all their minor league stops. On November 10, 2006 i was part of a package that brought Gary Sheffield (who in my opinion is a future Hall Of famer) to the tigers and send Kevin Whelan, Anthony Clagget and myself to the New York Yankees. 

Unfortunately I spent the first 1 1/2 years with the Yankees recovering from elbow reconstruction surgery ( Tommy John). I was finally able to get healthy in 2008 and start climbing up the latter once again. I started the year by making about 12 appearances for our gulf coast team then went on to the Florida State league and and 2 appearances for the Tampa Yankees. Towards the end of august I joined the Trenton Thunder for the playoff run (this was one of the closest groups of guys i have even been around, they really knew what all becoming one really meant) where we won the Eastern League Championship.  After our last game i received news that I was joining the big club and that I was going to reach what at one point seemed to be moving further and further away. It was the second best moment in my life (watching my son Aiden’s birth will always be first). I made 2 appearances with the Yankees and most important i was able to have a front seat for the last game at the stadium where I use to watch the most games as a kid. It truly was a september to remember for me.
I now find my self in Arizona where I will looking to get some more work in since I only pitched about 20 innings this season. This is my second tour in the Arizona fall league the first being in 2005 as a member of the Mesa Solar sox. I’ve been here for about a week now. So far we have played 3 games winning all of them and in the process getting to know all my new teammates as good as possible. I have to say we have a pretty fun group of guys in this team and so far its been a very pleasant week. 
I will be checking in and answering any questions you guys may have for me! Hope to hear from you guys soon!


  1. cmill20@optonline.net

    Great to see you and the other Yankees/ Thunder players are doing so well in the AFL. I live in Trenton and go to almost all the thunder games. Great year even though you were only there for a short time. My wife and I will be out in AZ NOV 8-15 this year and I look forward to seeing the guys plays. Til then keep up the good work.
    See you soon and enjoy the weather
    Chuck Mller

  2. fonzee247@hotmail.com

    Hey Humberto Wutz Up:

    Im Victor Jr. My father (Victor Tapia) is a friend of your father, they used to work together when you were about 4 years old at Refritecnica Zapata in the Dominican Republic. We have been following your career very closely and wish you all the best and hope to see you next year pitch at the new stadium. My father wanted to speak to you father his number is 917-749-2239 when ever you speak to him give him the number.
    Felicidadez con lo de tu hijo.
    Have a great fall season and a great 2009
    Victor Tapia Jr.

  3. luvnyy242

    HI Humbe

    Nice to hear how your doing and keep up the hard work and dont give up give it all you have . You gotten far your so close and i was happy to see pitch for the Yankees.

    Continue your hard work and you will be back for the Yankees soon

    Have a good one :]

  4. marktrab@hotmail.com


    It is truly great to see some YOUNG Yankee pitchers like yourself busting their tail to get to the Bronx. Believe me, if you continue working hard and progressing you will make it to the new stadium. Pitching is so important, and we need it so bad. Best wishes in Arizona, and even more so in Tampa when spring camp opens. I will be following your progress and pulling for you big time, as will the rest of the millions of Yankee fans in NY, DR, and all around the world…………

    Push yourself to the fullest …..it WILL pay off…..


  5. evilempr07


    I’m really excited to see you on the road to the bronx. I was happy when we got you from Detroit adding a power arm to the rotation. You have filthy stuff and I know you will be in our rotation soon. I told my friend when we got you “watch this kid, he is going to be nasty” and then you got hurt but at least you got it over with and you can start working toward getting here. Good luck in the AFL, hope to see you Opening Day in the Bronx!!!!

  6. pimentel0142@yahoo.com

    whats up humbe im really happy u made it man good luck we went to school together in south bronx good luck on ur career and keep ur head up hope to see u pich next season.

  7. ntejadalaw@aol.com


    I have considered you the missing link to the bullpen and now you should be given an opportunity to show MLB your potential and talent.
    With you aboard, it will be a 7 inning game once again for all opposing teams! Next season the YANKEES will once again be CHAMPIONS OF BASEBALL…
    Furthermore, I would also like to bring to your attention that I myself am from the Dominican Republic, and I am currently in my last year of Law School, intending to become an agent.
    I am wondering if you can please take the time to advice me on how to approach players and most importantly if you can have your agent give me an opportunity to intern. I am just asking for an opportunity–> Nelson Tejada, Jr., 718-316-5001, ntejadalaw@aol.com.

  8. man0pat@aol.com

    Hey Humberto, I notice that your post was dated 10/10 at 2:08am. May I suggest that you get more rest/sleep. I was at the game that same day and watched you pitch. Brutal dude. That was a serious bad outing. I know you were pissed off because I was one of the 3 Yankee fans who were standing in right field and asked for your autograph. You growled no I am in a bad mood or something to that effect. Hey, I understand your feelings but, we weren’t the ones out there throwing the ball. Don’t take it out on your supporters. We live out here but, we still LOVE our Yankees. We collect autos from Yank players whenever we can. We don’t sell anything. We just collect. Hopefully you will have a much better outing next time around. Throw the heat dude. We’ll be watching. Ciao Mike Bronx transplant.

  9. bostonsucks@comcast.net

    hey humberto how you doin? i want to start everything off by saying i have been tracking you well me and my friend have been traking you and looking at your stats since december 2007. i was so excited to see a big guy like yourself 6’6 270. i was also excited to read that you may be back for the 2008 season especially becaus elosing in 4 games to cleveland was a big bummer for me. then the 2008 season i was looking foward for your apperance. even htough you didnt pitch until september i new you were working your way up in the ranks. you have some nasty stuff youyr 12-6 curve and your slider which could be compared to none other than a star which came from nowhere joba. so hopefully opening day i see you on tv number 77 in the 7 inning an dhopefully the last game i see you on tv game 4 worldseries. hopefully you will be able to bring back the yankees and start a new dynasty. i am hoping to get c.c. and hey maybe even manny even though i would totally boo him his first 3 years (just like jonny damon) he would be a great addition to the team. well im hoping to see you alot in the 2009 season and i hope you become a star just as joba did coming from nowhere. good luck and keep working hard and of course have fun your with the best organization… THE YANKEEES!!!!!!!!!

    BOSTON AND METS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. man0pat@aol.com

    Humberto, I will be out there to see you and the other Yanks on Tuesday. Stop by the right field corner and sign a few autos. Hope you get into the game and have a lot of success. Love the Yanks Mike from the Bronx.

  11. hudsdog@comcast.net

    I am glad to here you are coming back from 2 1/2 years of frustrating arm-shoulder problems. As a Red Sox fan the thought of you coming back stronger is a scary thought! But as a fan of baseball first and foremost I can’t wait to see you bring your imposing 6’6 250 frame to the mound and blow hitters away with that 99 mph fastball and that nasty slider I personally saw you dominate with in the Futures Game. Good luck and God Bless.

  12. trackrunner052

    hey whats up humberto
    my mom was ur teacher back in 166
    she told me about u and also mr. knapp
    write back to my email if u want more info
    i dont want to post everything here

  13. mayoj

    Hey man0pat — Or Mike from the Bronx…Chill out a little, will you? Honestly, do you think railing against him here is going to make him more likely to stop and chat with you? Really? I’d also like to point out that the time stamp is eastern time. Don’t know how long you’ve been in Arizona, but it’s a few hours earlier there this time of year, so cut the dude some slack.

  14. rjfenn7@gmail.com

    Hey Humberto! Have fun in Arizona, stay healthy and kick some butt! I’m looking forward to seeing you back in a Yankees uniform!

  15. abbado

    Hey Humberto,

    I’m rooting for you to stay healthy and pitch well in Arizona because i know if you do you will be in the Yankee bullpen when the season starts and i trust you coming out of the bullpen and having a good regular season

  16. vliet21@hotmail.com

    Hey Humbee, it’s RoBear “the big red machine”,

    I hope you are doing well and i can’t wait for my match in Madden!! See you when u get back to the complex.

    Take care!

  17. The Yankees' AFL Bloggers

    RoBear get a life buddy!!! lol.. just kidding.. i cant wait to beat that behind at madden when i get back home!! talk to you soon bud!

  18. The Yankees' AFL Bloggers

    hey guys thanks for the comments and support. just wanted to throw out a couple of things.. i dont mean to ignore people when i walk of the mound in a bad mood after having a bad outing, but please understand that what is going on during the game for me to stop. 1.. I just gave up 4 runs in 2/3 inngs…2. I understand is a fall league game but it is still a game and we are not suppose to sign during games. 3. i post late because i do like to spend time with my family before my son goes to sleep… also if you want me to write to you make sure your email address shows here if not i cant do anything about it!! thanks guys! i hope you guys are enjoying yourself with my blog and i will keep writing about my fall league experience for the next month or so! Thanks again and if there’s anything you guys wanna talk about give me a shout!

  19. jtmaintenance@frontiernet.net

    Mr. Sanchez,
    I had the pleasure to be in attendance for your Major League debut. Ever since we made the trade with The Tigers to get you, I have felt that eventually we will end up with the better result. Keep up the hard work and God Bless you on your continued recovery. I hope to see you full time next year. By the way, are you going to continue in the bullpen or move to starter?

  20. rod78vw@aol.com

    Hello Humberto.
    Good Luck (Buena Suerte).
    I have been following your progress just like everyone else here, good to see your coming along and doing well. Good luck and hope to see you healthy and enjoying success on the Big Club this upcoming season. Enjoy your blogging sessions also, keep us informed as to whats going on over there and your progress.

  21. pw4c@att.net

    I Too am very excited about you being a Yankee prospect and cannot wait to see you pull in a full years worth of play. I am also Very excited about you playing in the Bigs for the Yankees. I Send to You a wealth of good measure and will be keeping an eye on ya. Best wishes to you in 2009.


  22. diony_bell@hotmail.com

    Humberto, nice to see you’re making a blog to keep fans updated. I’m from the Dominican Republic. Yankee fan of course. I’ve been following Yankees’ minor league system for about 2 years. Haven’t heard a lot from you (because of your injuries). What’s your stuff? Is it true they call you Hummer?

    Do you think you still have the potential to be a starter, or you like being a reliever? How’s your relationship with guys like Phil Hughes and Austin Jackson? Can you get me a signed ball by you and them? Haha, nah just kidding. Focus on pitching dude, and good luck.

  23. mfergs23@gmail.com


    Can’t wait to see you march from the pen next season. Glad to hear the Trenton guys came together during the stretch. Should be fun watching you guys bringing the Yanks to the next level.

  24. arod1323@hotmail.com

    I have been excited since you came to the Yankees because I know what your going to bring in the future. It was a shame Gary Sheffield had to go because I’ve always thought of him as a winner, but your a future 20 game winner I’ve said it to many people your a true new yorker. You belong in pinstripes and no matter what happens I wish I could be in your shoes because if your going to try to make it anywhere the feeling of putting on that uniform is prob more special than any other team. All the tradition that goes along with being a Yankee and look at it this way evenknow you have been hurt for a long time you can rewrite history in the new stadium and take us to a title and then some. You will be a major part of this team for years to come I know it and I have to say it has to be the most amazing feeling to have been able to be there during the final game all the players who showed up all the guys who have put the pinstripes on I cannot imagine how awsome that was. I was going to play semi pro ball then I had two surgeries and gave it up because I am too small I play second base and I see the guys on tv they all can hit home runs not a lot of guys pride themselves on their defense anymore. The latin baseball players are majority of the reason that defense is still at times appriciated guys like Roberto Alomar kept the defense in the game going, and guys like Robinson Cano have continued it. I am just really upset at how the game was until this season evenknow the Yankees lost this year this season came down to pitching and defense you guys had most of your big guys hurt or playing hurt all year that is what killed the season and I know in 09 we will be coming back for a 27th title

  25. gafastball19@aol.com


    As a fellow alum from the RCC baseball program (Class of 1987) I was excited to hear your story. I wish you all the best and hope that you return to the big club next year. As one former pitcher to another trust your stuff and throw first pitch strikes and you will do just fine.

  26. courtodd@me.com


    Glad to hear Aiden and your wife get to spend time with you in AZ. The Little League here in Clermont is waiting for you to stop by and give us some more good luck. We’re the Trenton Thunder this year, and holding our own at 3-3. Better than the 1-19 of last year.
    Keep thinking positive thoughts!
    Jake, Charlie and Todd

  27. bakerlegend11@aol.com

    Hey Humberto my name is Mike and i just wanted to tell you that i think you have nasty stuff and i think if you keep trowing nasty stuff like that you will be a great guy to come out of the bullpen and you could be the bridge to Mo. I really hope you will be on the team when the new Yankee stadium opens up

  28. venezolana0606@aol.com


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