Round 2.

HeyI’mback! i wanted to wait until we had play every team in the league to be able to share more thoughts and experiences in the league. Its been and pretty exciting week for us as a team. We started the season 3-0 which was nice. then the escalators started todescend. We lost 4 in a row after we gotourbeloved but now absent mascot CHUCKY the guinea pig. We reallylikedand cared for him butunfortunatelyhewasn’tbringing much luck to the team. Throwing in the fact that i gave up 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning (which i see that some of you guys notice by your comments in my last entry) and things were not where we wanted so we decided to get chucky out of the clubhouse. Since then we have played better until tonight, when we lost but it was a well played game. I have only made one moreappearanceon the mound since my forgettable one and it when a lot better.I’mschedule to pitch again tomorrow so this is probably not going to be a very long entry.

Arizona has been great,unfortunatelyihaven’thad much of a chance to enjoy the great outdoors here butI’msure i will before my time is over here. there’s just so much to do yet so little time. a regular day consists of waking up at 7 am to head to the ballpark ad usually not getting back until 4 then is onto the gym to workout and run ataround6 add those things up 5 to 6 days a week and there’s not room to fit in some sight seeing.
we have a great bunch of guys and this gives us an opportunity to really know what guys on other teams are like. Usually when you face other teams unless you know guys there you have a wrong idea of what some guys are like. sometimes you really do not likeopponentsthen you come to a big melting pot like the fall league and find out that they’re actually not much different than you and you build relationships with some of these guys. I still keep in touch with some of the guys that i played with here in 2005, just today i ran into kevin frandsen of the Giants and it was nice to see him because ihaven’tseen him since the fall of 05.
Its is now 1 am here in arizona andI’mjust about to pass out. we had a night game in scottsdale and by the time we got back to peoria, drove one of my teammates home and got back to myapartmentit was midnight. i had a very long and that’s fine with me, there’s worst things i can be doing i guess butI’mso ready to hit the hay. Im very happy with the responses i gotten from my first entry and please guys if you want me to write back just make sure you emails are showing,I’mnew at the blogging stuff , my hacking skills are not up to date. thanks for all your comments and i’ll keep you guys posted as much as possible. Got to go sleep so that i can help thejavelinaswin a game tomorrow! TTYL


  1. airborn93

    “Posted on October 18, 2008 at 3:41 AM”

    3:41 AM? Isn’t that kind of early or is the time on my computer not synced with the blog…?


    Mr. Sanchez,

    The Yankees just wrapped up their organizational meetings down in Tampa. Have they communicated to you or your agent what they expect and hope to get from you? Do they see you as part of their bullpen? If so, as good as it was in the Major League level last year, how tough will it be to crack into?

    Good luck and keep up the hard work


    Good luck with the rest of your fall season. Looking forward to seeing you at the new place in the Bronx come April.
    I’m really enjoying reading your thoughts, its nice for us fans to be able to have that perspective. Thanks!


    Humberto.. Thanks for blogging.. We really appreciate it!
    A few comments/questions:
    1- Please blog about all of the Yankees prospects, including yourself of course- how they’re doing, how they like the experience in the AFL, etc? Maybe one of them could do a guest blog so you don’t have to take all the burden on yourself.
    2- What are you going to do after AFL to get ready for Spring?
    3- My wife is from Puerto Rico, and I am a “Gringo”, but we bring up our kids appreciating their heritage, and learning the language. I wonder what you think about how the names of the Yankees Latino players should be pronounced.. in the American way- where is sounds more like English, or in the Hispanic way? For example your name- do you prefer Hum-ber’-to.. or oom-bair’-to? Or Jorge.. as Georgie, or Hor-hay?

    Thanks so much.

    And best of luck. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring!



    Hope that the time out there in Arizona is good for your career. I am a lifelong Yankee fan and have been waiting to see what you will do. I hope that you get strong enough to work full time next year with the yankees. Good luck.


    What is your goal for the 2009 season?
    – Starting for the Yankees
    – Being in the Yankee bullpen
    – Starting in AAA

    Do the Yankees share your goal?


  7. abreusmuse

    Hey Humberto,
    My names Millie, and I would like to say that I anticipate a lot from you now that you’ve come up throught the ranks. First congratulations, winning with Trenton Thunder who are from my hometown and congrats for being called up by the Yanks before the season ended. Thank you for giving of your time to blog and be connected with the fans, its really appreciated I wish more players would just give back alittle as you are doing… Be blessed next season may you have much success with the Yanks…Fan since the 70’s. or


    Hi Humberto,

    I’m so excited to see another Yankee blogging. It means so much to fans to see you guys connecting with us. Well, you encouraged questions, so here is one or two.

    How do you feel about the World Baseball Classic? If ever given the opportunity in the future, what team would you play for in the World Baseball Classic, DR or US?

    I was born in Puerto Rico, but raised in the US since I was 2 yrs old….I must say, if I was in those shoes I would play for Puerto Rico 🙂

    Good Luck, I’m hoping to see you in the bigs again!


    Team is in first and you are doing well.
    Keep up the good work.
    Could you please say hi to AJ and give him my email address so I can catch up with you guys when I am out in AZ in the next 2 weeks. I am a big Trenton Thunder fan and hope to see you guys soon My email is You can also write and say hello. I happen to e the Physical therapist at Trenton Orthopaedic Group where Dr Gomez practices.
    Take care
    Your fan
    chuck miller


    Whats up buddy,

    This is Daniel, you’re old visiting clubbie from Trenton. Just wanted to say HI and I’m glad that you are healthy and getting your feet back under ya. Things have changed a lot since I last saw you. I left Trenton to stay home in NC. Got married and have a baby on the way in a few weeks. Keep up the hard work. Take Care.


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