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History was made!

Welcome back! 

Let me start by saying that even tho i cant vote in the united states yet (I’m a Dominican citizen and US Permanent Resident) i’m really happy to say that i was in this country when the first african american was elected president of this great country. Barrack Obama had a very strong campaign and i honestly believe that it came down to President Obama being more demographically appealing to our generation. it was great to see the voter turn out in the United States because it shows how much the people care and how much the wanted their voice to be heard. 
Moving on to so baseball news. We got on a little funk after being in first place we lost 8 games in a row and now sit 5 games behind the leader. when we pitched we didn’t hit and when we hit we didn’t pitch! It happens in baseball you just try to prevent it from happening frequently. I’ve started to see better results in my last couple of outings. i’ve been stretched out to 2 innings now and hopefully i can get some longer outing before is all set and done. My  Yankee teammates are playing very well . kevin Russo is still red hot . i believe he has hit in 14 straight games (GO RUSSO). Ajax has continue he strong play, Hommie (J Marquez) is not in the starting rotation and pitch 5 scoreless innings yesterday. Phil has continue to work on his game and has pitched very well over his last couple of starts. Again I want to point out that is not all about results while we out here.
Halloween was a blast. I have to some great pictures but unfortunately I havent had a chance to put transfer them from my camera into my computer but i will put them up over the weekend! aiden loved his chicken costume and I not posses pictures to brive him once he gets older hahahahaha. we have 2 weeks left in this league and by no means are we out of a little playoff action. I will post those pictures in the next cuple of days so look for them! talk to ya soon!