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Round 2.

Hey I’m back! i wanted to wait until we had play every team in the league to be able to share more thoughts and experiences in the league. Its been and pretty exciting week for us as a team. We started the season 3-0 which was nice. then the escalators started to descend. We lost 4 in a row after we got our beloved but now absent mascot CHUCKY the guinea pig. We really liked and cared for him but unfortunately he wasn’t bringing much luck to the team. Throwing in the fact that i gave up 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning (which i see that some of you guys notice by your  comments in my last entry) and things were not where we wanted so we decided to get chucky out of the clubhouse. Since then we have played better until tonight, when we lost but it was a well played game. I have only made one more appearance on the mound since my forgettable one and it when a lot better. I’m schedule to pitch again tomorrow so this is probably not going to be a very long entry.

Arizona has been great, unfortunately i haven’t had much of a chance to enjoy the great outdoors here but I’m sure i will before my time is over here. there’s just so much to do yet so little time. a regular day consists of waking up at 7 am to head to the ballpark ad usually not getting back until 4 then is onto the gym to workout and run at around 6 add those things up 5 to 6 days a week and there’s not room to fit in some sight seeing. 
we have a great bunch of guys and this gives us an opportunity to really know what guys on other teams are like. Usually when you face other teams unless you know guys there you have a wrong idea of what some guys are like. sometimes you really do not like opponents then you come to a big melting pot like the fall league and find out that they’re actually not much different than you and you build relationships with some of these guys. I still keep in touch with some of the guys that i played with here in 2005, just today i ran into kevin frandsen of the Giants and it was nice to see him because i haven’t seen him since the fall of 05.
Its is now 1 am here in arizona and I’m just about to pass out. we had a night game in scottsdale and by the time we got back to peoria, drove one of my teammates home and got back to my apartment it was midnight. i had a very long and that’s fine with me, there’s worst things i can be doing i guess but I’m so ready to hit the hay. Im very happy with the responses i gotten from my first entry and please guys if you want me to write back just make sure you emails are showing, I’m new at the blogging stuff , my hacking skills are not up to date. thanks for all your comments and i’ll keep you guys posted as much as possible. Got to go sleep so that i can help the javelinas win a game tomorrow! TTYL